MDTK distribution request form

If you don't have Metamask plugin installed, please enter your airdrop
registered address in the field below and press Submit.

After that you may see instruction how to get your free airdrop tokens.
This instruction will work ONLY for entered address.

If you want get instruction for different address, submit the form again.

+ How to claim airdrop?
Gas limit: 200000

GAS Price: 12 GWEI

How to claim airdrop?

  1. Enter ethereum address that you used during airdrop registration (if you enter any other address, you won't be able to claim your tokens). If you have the following error: "You ain't eligible to get free airdrop tokens", that means your wallet is not in the list, please contact the team of the token you are trying to claim
  2. Make sure your ethereum address has enough ethereum to cover the gas fee (usually around 0.0011 - 0.002 ETH, depending on the gas price)
  3. RECOMMENDED: If you use Chrome with MetaMask extension, then just approve transaction. Your tokens will be credited once transaction has been confirmed (from few seconds till few hours, depending on the network congestion)
  4. If you are using MYETHERWALLET or any other wallets then you have to follow these steps:
    1. Copy and Paste the address (provided on the airdrop claim page)
    2. Amount to send 0
    3. Gas Limit 200000
    4. Press +Advanced:Add Data
    5. Copy and Paste DATA (provided on the airdrop claim page)
Don't forget to check current gas prices ( and set yours accordingly.